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An Apology from Dave Ferro to the team at Front Street Commercial Real Estate Group

Nick Banks and Seth Lane are friends of mine. They are also professionals, and as such they asked me to meet with them to discuss some wording that I used on my website. As a member of the National Association of Realtors®, Ferro Commercial Realty LLC is bound by the NAR Code of Ethics. The existence of and adherence to the NAR Code of Ethics has helped to raise the level of professionalism of real estate professionals everywhere. I promote the NAR Code of Ethics on the Mission and Values page of our website, and until today I stated that there are licensed real estate brokers and sales people in Gainesville who are not Realtors® and are therefore not bound by the NAR Code of Ethics. While this statement is technically true, a member of the general public would easily infer that these professionals have no ethics at all. As far as Front Street Commercial Real Estate Group is concerned, my personal and business dealings with them have shown me that nothing can be further from the truth. They have been great to work with and have welcomed me and my young company into the marketplace with open arms. My words, however, did offend them and for that I am very sorry. The fact that my words offended someone doesn’t really surprise me or even usually bother me. I grew up in a loud Italian house and tend to be direct. In this case, I am bothered and feel compelled to publicly post this apology to Nick, Seth and the team at Front Street. They have families to feed just like I do and I’d hate to think that my words may have interfered with their ability to do so. I have revised my webpage accordingly, and I look forward to doing business with Front Street in the years to come.

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