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We have an idea for the Governor!

Many of you have heard me gripe about the Sales Tax charged on commercial leases in the state of Florida. One of the many reasons that I am a Realtor® is that Florida REALTORS® work tirelessly to promote legislation that supports private property rights and job creation. Earlier this year I had the pleasure of attending Great American Realtor Days in Tallahassee. I traveled there on a bus with 50 or so other Realtors® from GACAR. As the only commercial Realtor® in the group, it was my responsibility to sit face to face with our legislators and discuss the proposed legislation for rolling back sales tax on commercial leases. Imagine that you own a business and negotiate a $1,000/month lease with a landlord for 5 years. Now picture yourself writing a check for the rent PLUS $60 EVERY MONTH for 60 months. That’s an additional $3600 in fees that you’ll incur over the life of the lease. Now imagine that that you are a company choosing where to open a 25,000 SF retail store. You look at spaces in Florida and Georgia, and all else being equal, you don’t have to pay sales tax on leases in Georgia. Where are you going to open your store and create jobs? The only other state in the union that charges sales tax on leases is New York. That means that on the issue of sales tax, Florida is at a competitive disadvantage with 48 other states. As you can read in the article linked below, sales tax in the State of Florida is costing us 185,000 jobs. Governor Scott is looking for suggestions of ways to return our money. Let’s give him one that does that AND creates jobs.

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